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How Can I Help You?

Food is more political than ever, and the industry is changing fast. I help you consider all the angles to create content that's culturally sensitive, funny, passionate, educational, and engaging. 

I use a progressive-minded, research-driven approach that pulls from the culinary landscape, pop culture, and world food history to help you position yourself in the market and make your company stand out from the pack. I’m something of a walking encyclopedia, so all of my work is rooted in the past, present, and future of food and the human condition. I use that breadth of knowledge to help create brands rooted in the idea that telling stories about food - in any context - is writing about people. 

How Does It Work?

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Fill out an application form telling me about yourself, your business and the kind of help you're looking for

Getting to know You

If I think we sound like a good fit, we'll hop on a call to find out if we vibe

First STeps

And if we get along, you’ll choose the package you want and a start date

Consulting Packages

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86 It?

For entrepreneurs struggling with new content, who want to refresh their brand, or who have realized that their concept isn’t resonating with people. We'll work together to create a brand that is culturally specific, modern, and reflective of your vision and values (while making you a bunch of money).
  • We'll assess the state of your brand

  • Analyze what's working and what isn't

  • Come up with a plan to fix it and goals we want to hit

  • And I'll provide support and feedback while you implement it

From Scratch

Got a great business idea that you don't know how to implement? I specialize in translating food culture into brand stories, and will help you take what's in your head and turn it into a real brick and mortar (or online) business.
  • Brand identity development, IRL and online

  • Contextual cultural & market research

  • Advising on everything from menu items to positioning, from partnerships to launch planning

  • Hands-on content review


The Works

Looking for more than a consultant? I'll eat, sleep, and breathe your business. This VIP Retainer Package includes ongoing on-demand access to my expertise, business planning, and whatever else you need whenever you need it. 
  • Priority access to my expertise, on Zoom or in person (in the New York area)

  • In-depth market research & competitive analysis

  • Custom boardroom-ready presentations

  • Business planning

  • And any other support you require within my skillset

Custom Order

I also work with existing brands (in and outside of the food space) on partnerships, special projects, and website design. These can be short-term (or not) and quoted on a project basis.

Whether you're super clear on what you need or just know you need my help, no need to overthink it. Just send me a message and we can work out the details from there! 
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